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Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by J Dagger, Mar 28, 2020.

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    23305414-E793-4D98-9CF8-07DE546B9CF9.jpeg 7150D458-A995-4909-AF43-88A095BB8DDC.jpeg I purchased a Claddagh ring and earring set in an online auction. They were listed as being 9ct. Picked them up and got them home under a loupe. The earrings were a pleasant surprise at 14k. I guess a nice antique 9ct set could be better than a new 14k set technically. Anyways...The ring on the other hand I can’t make heads nor tails of. Can anyone see anything here? I oriented the photos both ways. Not antique probably but thought it was worth a shot here. I paid a pretty low price so not too worried either way. I can test it but just curious to see if anyone can take anything away from this.
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    I see Mark's in front of 14k imo on the second pic
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    Oh yeh ya know looking at it in a picture and being able to zoom is easier than looking under a loupe. It’s funny I didn’t even look at the pics really. The line going to the right of what would be the 4 is odd but I can definitely see what you’re saying now. Sometimes I’ll refer to pictures for just this reason and this time I didn’t even think of it.
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