MCM Scandinavian Berndt Friberg Style Ceramic Bottle New/Old? w/Signature Please Help!

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    Hi Antiquers,
    Any thoughts on this bottle/vase? I can’t tell if it’s newer or older and obviously am unsure about the signature. My apologies for asking about studio pottery identification, if that is what this is. I can assure you I have gone through the typical avenues for identifying this sort of thing and then some. It looks similar to some MCM Swedish pottery (Berndt Friberg) but I’m leaning towards the possibility of it being newer.

    It’s made from a white clay that is relatively soft. The glaze seems like it was applied while it was spinning on a potters wheel and the application is thinner in general. I think the turquoise color (thicker) and black (almost like an inky wash) were applied at different times. Overall, it has an eggshell finish. It’s just sort’ve weird in general and I can’t figure it out. Height 9” Width (Widest) 5”. Thanks for your input and a very happy Friday to you.
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    @judy motersweden gives nice, precise info on dating fribergs work - it ends like this:

    "R = 1948
    Q = 1975

    That wasn’t so hard, was it?"
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    Quite an extensive link on Friberg.

    Do you think that the OP's is one of his?

    The style looks it to me, but the base not so much!

    Waiting for the experts!:) (Maybe you're one of them Scout?)
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