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    2b.jpg Mocha cup and saucer. See emblem. Cup 40mm high, 55mm dia. Saucer 105 diam
    Your comment please and,if possible, timeperiod and price range.
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    Hard to tell quality from the one photo provided, can't see the details.
    I'm easily finding similar on the internet, claiming mid-19th century and the blue flowers are being called forget-me-nots.
    This one sold on ebay like yours for $195 US. (Some multi-color floral ones sold for $400-500. They appear to be more desirable.)
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    While I cannot say which is more common, I have seen more multi-colored cups and saucers by Meissen in this style than single-color ones. Maybe more people prefer multi-colored, but I think your cup and saucer looks better than the multi-colored ones.

    For purpose of comparison, I bought a pink-colored one at auction in 2013 for $316. I did not think I got a "deal" at the time, but thought it was a fair auction price. Cup is 75mm diameter x 50mm high. The saucer is 140mm in diameter, so slightly bigger than yours.
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