Featured Mexican Pottery signed CAT is Ceramica Artistica Tonala

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  1. LauraGarnet02

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    One of those serendipity moments, I accidentally found the ID for Mexican pottery marked CAT in Google books while searching for something else! It's only taken me 15 or 20 years. :chicken:
    CAT Ceramica Artistica Tonala. Established in the village of Tonala Mexico around 1960 by Manuel Garay, a professional engineer with no background in ceramics but with an eye for business opportunities. Book: From Folk Art to Modern Design in Ceramics, Ethnographic Adventures in Denmark and Mexico 1975 to 1978. By Edna Mitchell and Robert Anderson.
    A couple of quick and dirty pics of two mugs I have, for illustration. So, this post is informational only and it'll be out there for anyone else who is looking for an ID of signed CAT Mexico Tonala pottery mark. :joyful:
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  2. DizzyDaff

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    I love that one of the little blue bird!
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  3. Bronwen

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    Can't tell you how many times I've found one thing I've been on the lookout for with no success by actively searching while looking for something else, with no luck there.
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  4. Casimiro

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    Along similar lines, does anyone know anything about the Mexican pottery mark "Amex"? I have seen it on the bottom of pottery said to be from Tonala.
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  5. NettleheadVintage

    NettleheadVintage New Member

    That was super helpful, thanks!
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