Middle Eastern Copper Box

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    I have found a few comparables for this copper/copper alloy box on ebay, but none of the sellers seem to know for certain where such things were made, when, or what they were used for. Guesses include Ottoman, Persian, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and possibly for storing spices. It is about 6 3/4" (17 cm) in diameter, and 4 1/2" (11.5cm) tall. As it is provided with a hasp for a lock, I assume something of value was stored in it. I don't see any evidence of tinning on the inside. I am hoping someone here is familiar with such things, and can tell me something about it. Thanks in advance.
    Ottoman copper box - latch front (640x536).jpg Ottoman copper box - hinge (640x528).jpg Ottoman copper box - top (640x573).jpg Ottoman copper box - bottom (640x626).jpg Ottoman copper box - interior lid (640x574).jpg Ottoman copper box - interior base (640x527).jpg
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    Maybe Chipati Box?
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    A cotter pin/key holding the lock hardware,wouldn't take much to pull the pin and open the lock.Not something I would call a secure container.
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    I don't think chapatis.
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    Thanks for looking. I thought if it were for betel nuts, you might know. :smuggrin:
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    Nice box, it is Indian, and looks antique. A bit too small for chapatis, so most likely a sweets box. You will find more if you look for katordaan.:)
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