Motorola microphone

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    billyd3us Thanks All my Friends

    08317CBE-803A-490F-95A2-1B234E00E064.jpeg EF76E478-5E93-4B23-81FE-A188BE4B7E84.jpeg A7D5BA45-9823-4EDE-B5BD-B19D5CDA2B48.jpeg This was in my dads shed in a crate full of wires and chargers. Does anyone know what this was used for ?
    Thanks everyone, I’m so tired now, it’s currently 12:56 am here in Southern California and I have been working since 7 am trying to make ends meet, now I’m going to bed, goodnight all and wishing you all a great day and night.
    Billy D

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  2. terry5732

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    Likely a portable reel to reel recorder
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    Billy.....wishing you much easier and much better days!

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