Mystery Alexandrite/Neodymium glass pitcher

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    I am trying to research a glass item that I have, it is an alexandrite glass pitcher I found in a flea market in Thessaloniki. I am trying desperately to find out the firm that manufactured this pitcher, I went through Moser, Heiney, Steuben, Cambridge, Tiffin, Fostoria and Bohemia catalogues but I can't find any pitcher or other glass piece that resembles my pitcher's manufacturing technique. Could you help me with that?
    I am attaching some pictures of the pitcher both in incadescent and fluorescent light. It's dimensions are -approximately- 21cm (wider point diameter), 12cm (bottom diameter) and 24.5cm (height). There are no mold marks (it's indisputably handmade), and I can't find a signature anywhere.

    I greatly appreciate your time and thank you in advance!



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    I think blown into a mould. I also think made in Empoli.
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    Pink pilgrims glass?
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