Need advice on and antique family search.

Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by TheOLdGuy, Dec 12, 2015.

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    OK, not exactly on topic here, but not really a clearer choice. And with my qualification as an antique I am confident you will offer help.

    Realizing how much further genealogy searches have expanded since early 2000s I decided to rejoin and continue my quest. Before choosing Ancestry I played with a few others. First shot - BINGO - immediately found paternal grandparents marriage certificate from 1870 (plus or minus) which supplied much needed full names, birth dates and their parents first names.
    Like the dummy I am I did not save that. Played around some more and then accepted Ancestry's offer of a 6 month trial.

    Problems and problems and problems.

    Can't find GPs' marriage certificate. Called Ancestry and helpful lady tried unsuccessfully and then advised me to check other sites because Ancestry does not have everything.

    Next I had an inquiry from Amex notifying me of a questionable charge. I opened account and was about to verify OK - it was ancestry charge - until I realized it was twice the quoted price.

    Phoned them. nice lady found file - agreed with my version 100% and said she would refer to a supervisor and I should hear back in 30 or so days. I requested an immediate transfer to a supervisor which I got. Supervisor, believe or not, said she would "refer to corporate," YES REFER TO CORPORATE and would be about 30 days.

    I filed dispute with Amex, but, since then I am having a lot of difficulty with Ancestry. All of a sudden my paternal grandmother is linked to my maternal grandfather, but married to my father and they have a son with the name of her husband.


    Or incest? :cold:

    Other new errors, also.

    With all the real experts here, help, please.

    Is there a better site? At a reasonable cost.
  2. springfld.arsenal

    springfld.arsenal Store:

    I've had good luck using the "ask a librarian" button on us Library of Congress local history and genealogy page. Id suggest if you do just mention exactly what u want to find out and not mention the website issues u are having.

    If u still can't find your info see if the LOC doesn't have a list of recommended genies-for-hire. Yes it would be nice if u figure it all out yourself but sometimes just hiring a trained professional is cheapest way, u know, is it worth risking a nervous breakdown or whatever?
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  3. Bakersgma

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    Okay - I have been an Ancestry member for over 5 years, so perhaps I can help.

    First. I'm a little confused about just what you mean about all the incorrect relationships - is this on a tree you set up there? Or on other trees that include members of your family?

    Second, on what site did you find the now-among-the-missing marriage certificate - Ancestry or elsewhere?
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  4. TheOLdGuy

    TheOLdGuy Well-Known Member

    Wow, Where have you two been? Or should I assume you were lurking? :cool:

    Spfld, you first. Thank you for that reference, I didn't think of it. And will try it soon. At this point in my life I do have to watch the pennies. It also helps keep that soft matter in my skull from fermenting.
    I will mention something that I have found the answer to on my own. From July - when I first joined - to about a month ago - I wondered what you had to to with one of the huge arsenals in the U.S. Springfield Arsenal. Nickname SPFLD. Now realize similarity but no direct affiliation. Correct?

    BGM -Do you use only Ancestry? You were the first to amaze me with your ability to provide precise answers in what seemed like minutes. You are one reason I trusted Ancestry.
    I checked several genealogy sites without keeping track which was which. I needed birth dates and grandma's parents first names. We celebrated her birthday on the 4th of July every year. Seemed like perfect weather every year for an outside party with somewhere around 60 people. Everyone remarked on the last one that basically did not happen because Grandma failed to wake up. It's always been mentioned that we didn't know if she died before of after midnight. After meant she made it to the age of 100. Fact or not? That's the main reason I wanted it.
    Secondary was - is the other story true or not. Her husband was, according to what my Dad said, was born in Vermont, moved to New Hampshire when his family bought/took over a paper manufacturing company near the White Mountains. Other of his children spread the rumor that he changed his name before marrying. Hence my search. About 2004 or so I did find Peter xxxxxx at the age of about 6 in the 1860? census in VT. Then moved to NH for the next census. Now cannot duplicate it.
    I started a family tree of parental relatives and added many names. My dad had 9 siblings. I had previously started my search under my Maternal last name. with 3 hyphenated last names. That was fairly easy. The parental one I filled in Gramp's and Gram's last names. XXWXX for her. A few days after the Amex dispute I received a second or third HINT from Ancestry. How, why? I don';t know. But Gra's last name had morphed to XXVXX and several non relatives had been added.
    OK, dinner time and enough loaded on for now.

  5. TheOLdGuy

    TheOLdGuy Well-Known Member

    Sorry, BGM, I do ramble. But the other problems were, all of a sudden, my paternal gma was linked to my maternal gramp, but married to my father with a son who bore my gramp's first name. My fault? Possibly. But with very similar discrepancies spread throughout, such as my Ancestry membership showing "member since April 2015" ( I joined about 2 weeks ago) I'm noticing a good size glitch.
    I could go on for another hour. Will take a bread as noted above.
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