Need help identifying item(possibly in arabian language?)

Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by Henri, May 5, 2021.

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    Welcome Henri. It is an 'aqeeq' engraved with a religious text, probably from the Koran. Some of these are etched, rather than engraved.
    Aqeeq is the Arabic name for carnelian, preferably from Yemen. Carnelian is highly valued and is often used for religious jewellery because the prophet Muhammad is said to have had a ring mounted with an engraved Yemeni aqeeq.

    I have a Persian ring with an aqeeq similar to your pendant. The text on mine was etched, a technique that was last used in Iran over 50 years ago. I really love these stones.
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    These usually have verses of Quranic script or praises to the prophet, I currently have a much less elaborate example with a gold mount. They can be worn in the same way a Christian would wear a cross. The stone is perhaps red agate or jasper.
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    Carnelian.;) Or aqeeq in the Islamic world.
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    I did just look into that after you posted, interesting to see it translates as quartz or agate depending on the region, but when applied as jewellery it is usually a chalcedony. Nice and confusing! The one I have is on red agate but it's far simpler than op's and probably much newer.
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    Both agate and carnelian are variations of chalcedony, so carnelian or chalcedony are both fine by me. Chalcedony is blueish grey to colourless though.
    Agate is slightly different, although some people call carnelian a type of agate. Being Dutch, I don't.;) Carnelian is one of the stones traditionally worn with Dutch traditional costumes, agate is never worn with the costumes, so we are quite particular about the difference.:)
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    In case it's interesting to others reading.

    Agate is technically chalcedony with quartz and does come in many colours, including red. Traditionally the name carnelian was reserved for the red/orange translucent chalcedony (like a red/orange version of chrysoprase), so in effect the high quality pure end of red agate, like this:


    If it's banded, more cloudy/opaque obviously zoned we would call it agate in the UK. The naming conventions are just differentiating the quality and colour of the mineral, the base mineral is the same but with a slightly different blend. So chalcedony with iron is red/orange and called carnelian (or sard if it's brown), chalcedony with nickel is green and called chrysoprase - tiny amounts of impurities alter the colours and the naming. So the terms are just names for orange chalcedony, green chalcedony etc.

    TLDR: It's pretty much all quartz and because we didn't know that in ancient times many different names are used for what are in effect the same thing but in different colours/clarities. Well done if you're still awake haha.
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