Need help to identify these pieces of jewelry

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by Anouchka FG, Aug 5, 2020.

  1. Anouchka FG

    Anouchka FG Active Member

    I have collected a lot of things through the years and I will need you (again) to help identify these vintage necklaces. The ball clasp is 14K gold on the necklace with the little flowers. I know they are not rare or impressive but I just want to know what they are! IMG_1933.JPG IMG_1934.JPG IMG_1936.JPG IMG_1938.JPG IMG_1940.JPG IMG_1942.JPG IMG_1944.JPG Thanks in advance!
  2. Xristina

    Xristina Well-Known Member

    Beautiful collection, Anouchka !;)
    I believe the beads in the second picture are called Wedding Cake beads, the red/blue ones are Italian Millefiori (thousand flowers) beads and the pink-reddish beads I've seen them as Aventurine/Sommerso beads. These are the terms I've found online, not sure if- for example- the Wedding Cake beads should have a special pattern on them or not in order to be truly a Wedding Cake bead (if not, probably the last picture could be Wedding Cake too). I'm sure somebody more knowledgeably will come soon and help you with the rest..
  3. Anouchka FG

    Anouchka FG Active Member

    Oh you are quite knowledgeable! Thank you so much for all the information!
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