Need help with Asian antique incense burner and teapot

Discussion in 'Metalware' started by James H, Feb 24, 2021.

  1. James H

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    E42A1E20-919B-4621-86CC-F7BBCD9E9487.jpeg 52CAF8EA-3E93-4962-86EB-200407F7D7D1.jpeg F0AF7C93-7FDD-45E1-AB5D-A61C8899980C.jpeg 79DF1E93-A5AA-43BD-A32B-939FD73C3E1E.jpeg 4683167D-193F-42EF-8F6C-9D1D4C3FD0CD.jpeg E8208271-581B-4B02-9F44-85E7EDA023C1.jpeg 34C58447-00E1-4F47-AF45-199DFFCD87F9.jpeg CC5F8777-2635-4F38-B776-DE1352337082.jpeg DA9831F2-B902-4ECF-A9A8-E66FCB08DE07.jpeg 843EF38F-CA90-4D4F-BC2C-268728B13F72.jpeg I recently bought what I believe to be a 19th century Chinese incense burner and 19th century Japanese tea pot. Can any one help me learn more about these pieces and what they’re possibly worth?
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  3. blooey

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  4. James H

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  5. James H

    James H New Member

    3D62C10E-FA20-4868-9CF3-16A8499BCB5C.jpeg 8CF5EBCE-D012-4406-ADA2-3A2CA0A8189B.jpeg 5A47E6FA-3371-4FD3-98C1-DD3095F0C5D3.jpeg D8979A84-6553-4BC1-8BC9-0D387692FEC9.jpeg CC84D7F7-8006-4073-9077-039DAA703673.jpeg 2F283F40-1258-454A-983A-2795400CF06F.jpeg Also... have a few more things I’m looking to learn more about. African fertility doll, African fertility staffs, Indian temple pull toys, Uzbekistan tassel, Morroccan camel bone sandok box
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  6. i need help

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    You should start a new thread in Tribal Art Forum for those. Please check the box for Full image.
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  7. komokwa

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    each one of those needs to be posted in the proper forums to get the right eyes on them....
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  8. patd8643

    patd8643 Well-Known Member

    James, you need to list these separately, maybe 2 to a thread with well lite pictures front, back and possibly bottom. You can also click on full image when you list them.
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  9. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    i got my folks a similar box in the early 90's........
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  10. blooey

    blooey Well-Known Member

    I'm skeptical that these glass panel things ever existed a hundred years ago but I could be wrong, just seems like a dumb thing to make for domestic use, the tea caddies and wine ewers too.
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  11. James H

    James H New Member

    thanks for the tips. Newb mistakes
  12. James H

    James H New Member

    I posted this on an Asian Art forum and someone was able to translate the markings on the tea pot for me. I can't find any info on this "famous tin maker" online though.

    永利 点銅 - Yŏnglì Diăntóng

    Was made by the famous tin maker Yán Yŏgli 顔永利 in Guandong at the end of the Qing Dynasty or at the beginning of the Republic.

    Diăntóng 点銅 means that the tin content is more than 70%.

    On the side of the tea pot the marking 福 means Happiness
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  13. James H

    James H New Member

    Anyone familiar with the teapot or censer enough to tell if they are reproductions? I had one antique Expert tell me they are reproductions but they look really old. Inside of the censer has a lot of green (old copper?). Both of the pieces smell almost sweet which I think could be aging bronze but really don’t know much about metals.
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