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    Thanks. Amazing to me that they don’t mention the obvious issue of most of these miniatures being painted on ivory. I have a couple pairs of portraits on ivory and I don’t know whether they can be sold because I have no provenance to prove age. I wonder if an auction house can even ship these from one country to another?
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    If this is really the case... It is a pity!
    So much antique art works contain/are made of ivory, and it is obvious for most that they are PRE CITES...
    Hoping the idea of destructing ivory pieces will never comes to reality:rage:
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    After reading the miniature portrait article; I remembered I had this little treasure. I have had it for years.

    It measures 2" wide x 1 1/2" tall. It appears to be silver although unmarked. Although the little circlet holding in the portrait is another material. It is certainly surrounded by marcasites. marie pin 2.JPG marie pin 2.JPG

    The portrait, I believe is of Marie Antoinette...and it is beautifully detailed! I took it "out" once - to see what it was painted upon. If my recollection serves me - it was canvas. although fairly smooth on the front - but textile looking on the back.

    It is signed: Sivle VilPy (?) IMG_1465.JPG marie pin 2.JPG It has a "trombone' style catch; leading me to believe that it dates from the 1920's. Can anyone tell me more about the artist?

    PS... sorry about the goofy placement of photos... I'm still trying to figure out posting photos! GRR!

    Thanks for your expertise.

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    Hi Leslie

    This miniature is probably in the class of a decorative miniature ,not a real person a made up image of a french lady,I do not know the artist ,it is probably a made up sort of name .( I am be wrong) but that is my gut feel.

    I do collect portrait miniatures,will post some for you to see the difference.

    Regards Giotto.
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    Some images of decorative and real Miniatures. The first 3 are in the decorative miniature category ,the rest are classed as real portrait miniature mainly on ivory.

    Regards Giotto
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    The boy in the blue suit is a copy of Gainsboroughs "Blue boy" The frame seems to be made up of piano keys. Do you think this is 1930's? Often this type had a backing of a page from a really old book to make them look older than they really were. I see you have rightly included it in the decorative category, but so many people are fooled, not you, into thinking they are older than they really are. I remember an episode of "Pawn Stars" when they called in an expert from the university to value a miniature. It was in the class of the "Blue Boy" but a Gainsborough lady,, again backed with old paper and surrounded by piano keys. He authenticated it as 18th century. I was shouting "oh no it is'nt!!!"
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    You are right about the blue boy ,I bought it at an opp shop many years ago very cheap $5.00 a bargain at the time (it may have been worth $200.00)
    It has the gallery label of Kunsthandel Roelofs, Amsterdam on the back.
    Very decorative . Not sure what period and where these were done?
    This one may have been done in Amsterdam.

    My point was to show the difference between real people miniatures and decorative ones. I have added a few others I have. These are may be husband and wife ,or brother and sister, you can see his miniature in the painting on her dress, quiet a rare thing for both to still be together .circa 1840 not signed .(may be by William Egley 1798-1870 English)
    Regards Giotto
    Regards Giotto
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