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  1. Rclinftl

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    did they make a chip & dip - the larger bowl is 10" and it has a single INTERIOR ring in the bottom - the other rings are on the exterior bottom and are decoration - the smaller bowl fits right in the interior ring of the larger bowl... they match perfectly - I couldn't find any info on a chip & dip... appreciate any insight...

    ruby.jpg ruby2.jpg ruby3.jpg ruby4.jpg
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  3. johnnycb09

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    Love that color !
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    Very nice! Great color, too...
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    so I posted this up on the new martinsville site and someone made an observation that they didn't have chip & dip sets in the depression era... they did have cheese & cracker sets....

    someone also replied the same as tallcakes that they thought it was a console and mayo - HOWEVER that doesn't explain the INTERIOR ring inside the large bowl - I just can't fathom that interior ring is just there and wasn't meant to hold something in place - it doesn't make sense to me... ???
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    Glass companies sometimes used the same mould to create different items. For instance, now it's a bowl, tomorrow it's a vase or a tumbler. The shape could also have been made into a flat footed plate and make a good cheese and cracker. So I don't find it odd that there is an interior ring. This pattern is well documented and there was no set sold as a chip and dip. If you look at it closely, perhaps a Chip/Dip would have a wider bowl.

    I would sell it together, two pieces that can be combined or not any way the buyer chooses. Now is the time for red glass, close to Christmas. This is two bowls, don't get too wrapped around the axle on what you think it should be (said and meant to be heard by you in the kindest way, not being snarky, promise!).
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    ditto what ola said... catalogs or ads would be best indicator of any intentions beyond design element for a raised interior ring in a bowl. Console sets included center bowl and candlesticks; the bowls would be used to display fruits or flowers; possibly an interior ring might accommodate a flower frog or single candlestick... New Martinsville did have a cocktail set including a shaker and tray but can't see that the tray had a raised ring for the shaker.

    Glass Etch and Pattern Gallery (chataboutdg.com)

    6 Ruby Red New Martinsville Moondrops Cordial Glasses w Tray Cruet Decanter | #1962590095 (worthpoint.com)
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    i have a green depression glass bowl and condiment plate that for years we thought was a cake stand,since thats what it was always used for . :)
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