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    Offered is this 1839 black silk taffeta mourning gown owned and worn by American children’s illustrator Tasha Tudor (1915-2008) Featured as Lot 13 of the Tasha Tudor Historic Costume Collection Auction and Sale at Whitaker’s, Nov. 11, 2007.

    Auction catalog description written by costume historian Edward F. Maeder- "Black silk mourning dress, c.1839. Taffeta gown, collarless with full gigot sleeves banded down 1” at top, metal hooks with thread or metal eyes sleeves and front opening. Full front-pleated skirt. Back gathered into waistband, some piped seams, two button 2.25” cuff. Waist inset band. Hem faced with glazed brown cotton. Bust- 34” Waist 25.5”, shoulder to shoulder 14” W, total length 50.5”. Condition-Good. Scattered brown spots and three holes on the side of skirt. Estimate- $1500-2500"

    The included accession record from Colonial Williamsburg, where the collection was held on loan, describes it as “Woman’s Undergown, England or America, 1839. Intended as under gown for L1996-279. Condition- Some spots and staining.”

    Please see photos to verify condition. Returns accepted only if item is not as described.

    This auction lot includes the original 144-page color auction catalog, Colonial Williamsburg Accession Record, original auction lot tag, and a copy of the letter to Whitaker Auctions from Tasha Tudor regarding the collections’ provenance. Lace collar, cuffs and pin not included.

    $30 USPS Priority Mail shipping charge includes insurance for $1500. If more is required, please make arrangements before payment is made. Tudor1.jpgmail.jpg Tudor2.jpgmail.jpg tudor4.jpgmail.jpg tudor6.jpgmail.jpg tudor8.jpgMAIL.jpg tudor9.jpgMAIL.jpg ttf1.jpg
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    That silk is in amazing condition for its age ! How cool she wrote Secret Garden !
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    She didn't write it, she illustrated it. ;)
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    Can you just imagine how hot these ladies were in the summer if they had to wear this due to a death? Oy.
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    yup...on a nice summers day......... OR ANY DAY !

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    I would be shvittzing for sure.
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    At least the silhouette wasn't heavily corseted.

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    Not sure you could pay me enough to wear that, provided I could figure out which hand it went on!
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