Old Boch and dutch Blue Delft’s from Belgium.

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    Hello everyone, let me tell you more about me. And please excuse me if you don’t always understand me, but I try to improve my English everyday ;-)

    I’m a new fan of Sunday’s early flea markets, and I particularly look for old ceramics. In Belgium, we have the famous Boch ceramics, and today we still can find Boch plates or vases rather easily. Also, as I live near from the Netherlands, I have found all around me beautiful pieces of Dutch Blue Delft’s.

    A few times ago, while I was looking for prices to sell my plates and vases, I saw that some of you, American people, are found of theses kinds of items. Till this time, I’ve been looking for a way to show you these beautiful ceramics. And I opened a little eBay page. My profile name is pikezand70, and here is a link to my articles on eBay:


    You know, it’s not easy to be seen on the web, so if you want, just share this page with people around you that could be interested. That could be very helpful.

    As you will see, I sell articles that you can also buy in the USA. But just take a look at the prices. For example, I have huge decorative Boch plates (15 inches), I saw someone from Texas selling the same than me at 250$, and I can provide you the same one at 35$ or less, just send me an offer on eBay.

    I don’t do that to become rich, I’m just a guy who want to earn a little more money with one of his hobbies, and I just want to sell items at their right prices. But a fact is a fact, more you will buy me, more I can spend here to find rare items and provide you also more of these.

    So now I think it’s time to let you go. I’ve talked enough :-D. I know that I’m a new member here and I could understand that you don’t like this kind of message as my first one on your forum, but I thought that was the best way for me to show what I had to show you.

    See you soon ;-)


    P.S.: take a look at attached pictures, some of my items.

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