Old Chinese blue white pottery vase. Is it worth something?

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    Got this vase which I believe to be Chinese or could also be Japanese. Is does look like it has some age to it and it's made from pottery. Unfortunately it is not signed but it has a inscription to the front. Can somebody read this? Or maybe any idea how old it is? I don't know if it's worth something or if it's old or modern.
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    This is a Chinese vase of Qing dynasty. The characters say "Ma Gu" , the name of a famous lady monk in China historical story, who is well known for greeting long living at the birth of senior people.
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    It certainly worth something, but the condition is not good, I would say $50 to 150. By the way, the kid carries a large peach. Large peach is given to bless long living in old Chinese tradition.
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