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Discussion in 'Art' started by oleg01, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. oleg01

    oleg01 New Member

    IMG_0282_2.jpg IMG_0281.jpg Hello.
    Maybe someone knows where this area in the picture? In the lower right corner there is a monogram by the Cyrillic "gAP 1836". The first letter is uppercase (small). Perhaps the letter "g" refers to an engraver. The pencil drawing is very similar to the esquisse for engraving.

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  2. clutteredcloset49

    clutteredcloset49 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I can't help.
    Just want to say it is very nice.

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  3. Aquitaine

    Aquitaine Is What It IS!!!

    Hi! I just want to agree, it's a lovely image!! I tried to enhance the signature area, but didn't come u with much more than is visible....Ed Aidl??....the 1836 looks like that to me sometimes and sometimes 1886, but you have the image, so you should be seeing it clearer than me! Sorry I can't help more!
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  4. moreotherstuff

    moreotherstuff Izorizent

    I can't help either. It does look like a preliminary drawing for a print. My first thought was for transferware.

    It might be fictitious. Has a sort of Neuschwanstein look to it.

    I don't know.
  5. moreotherstuff

    moreotherstuff Izorizent

    predates Neuschwanstein
  6. i need help

    i need help Well-Known Member

    Is something written in water here?
  7. oleg01

    oleg01 New Member

    I do not see the letters. IMG_0617_3.JPG
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  8. i need help

    i need help Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks, it’s shadows I guess, happens all the time in photographs.
  9. oleg01

    oleg01 New Member

    Thank you, it seems.
    I asked them.
  10. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    It is beautiful, could be somewhere along the Rhine river in Germany.
  11. Bev aka thelmasstuff

    Bev aka thelmasstuff Well-Known Member

    Looks like E. A. Jr. ?
    Can someone explain what I'm seeing here - what is that claw thing on the front of the boat and is that a mummy lying in the bottom of the boat???
  12. Bev aka thelmasstuff

    Bev aka thelmasstuff Well-Known Member

    Another way to check is for 18th & 19th century china decal patterns. They sometimes used fantasy castles on rivers.
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