Opinions on poss. NA dress, sash, necklace & bag

Discussion in 'Tribal Art' started by 2manybooks, Jun 30, 2021.

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    This collection is coming up tonight at a local auction. It is clearly not 19th century, but I am thinking it might be mid 20th. I was able to examine it, and all the leather is brain tanned.

    The dress is machine sewn, but the construction is traditional. The beadwork makes use of many cut/hex seed beads, including tubular hex beads.

    The beadwork on the bag is couched onto a heavy fabric, which forms the front of the bag. It is approximately 14 x 11 inches. (Sorry, I did not take a tape measure in with me.)

    The sash is pretty simple, made of double layers of leather, machine stitched along the edges, with a few beaded designs.

    The necklace is on a brain tanned leather cord. The claws are real, though I have not yet identified the animal source. The red on the base of the claws is pigment.

    All thoughts appreciated. Sorry for the lack of quality in the photos - it was a rush job.

    Pictures of the sash and necklace are posted in a separate post.

    Dress.jpg dress 5 (800x450).jpg dress 4 (800x450).jpg dress 1 (800x450).jpg dress 2 (800x450).jpg dress 3 (800x450).jpg bag 1 (800x556).jpg bag 2 (800x422).jpg bag 3 (800x493).jpg bag 4 (800x450).jpg
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    Regarding the bag, is one side leather, and the beaded side all fabric? It's interesting that the leather side appears to have the flesh side of the hide on the outside.
    In the first photo showing the whole dress, it's a tan color, but the closeups all have it as white. Which is more true to the actual color?
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    It looks modern enough that I would consider the possibility that it is Rendezvous gear (serious re-enactment of the fur trading era). I'm not sayin' it is though. The decoration looks kind of generic, and put that thought in my head.
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    Yes, the beaded side is a heavy fabric. The back and top flap are leather. I didn't think to look at the side of the leather facing the inside of the bag, but you may be right that it is flesh side out.

    The difference in color is because of different lighting. The view of the full dress is from the auction, and is closer to the actual color - somewhat dingy white. The details are ones I took. It is not smoked.

    I thought about it being rendezvous wear, which is why I thought I would ask here. It is quite well made, but yes, somewhat generic.
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