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  1. Hello - I have some original comic art from the 1940’s which belonged to my sister’s late partner. I am attaching a photo of this small trove as I discovered it last week. I would like to know where you think is the best place to sell it and what kind of value it may have. I researched it on the internet and saw prices ranging from the hundreds to the tens of thousands of dollars. Almost all of the pieces are signed by the artist and inscribed to my sister’s late partner, Seymour Lapan, who was a comic illustrator when he was a young man. The comic artists I have are Jack Sparling, Hal Foster, Phil Davis, Alfred Andriola and Milton Caniff.

    Thanks! D5F916FA-A811-42DC-B623-547FB834A0C2.jpeg
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    There is a original comic art group on Facebook maybe they could guide you to the right place.
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    Heritage auctions is well known for their comic book/ephemera auctions.
  5. Updating - Heritage Auctions will accept the work for auction.
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    Great news! They'll get into the hands of people who'll appreciate them. And there might be a little something in it for you too. Let us know how it goes.

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    a little something....as it seems the works are in only fair condition..
  8. Thanks! I’ll let you know. It may be a long time before they get actually to auction.
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  9. Very true - “a little something.” The auction specialist noted they were in poor condition (from the photographs). I think they actually look better in real life than they do in the photos. The condition will affect the price but the “little something” will be big for me (talking thousands) and, of course, I hope one of them will approach the tens of thousands of dollars I see for similar work sold!
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  11. Debora

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    Lots of variables in addition to condition. Fingers crossed.

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