Featured Ornate bookcase with glass doors. Looking for info.

Discussion in 'Furniture' started by macrofossil, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. macrofossil

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    IMG_2489.jpeg This is another piece that has been in our family for generations and was recently passed down to me. Family came from Texas, Illinois/Indiana, Massachusetts, and New York and I'm not sure which branch this came from. Can anyone tell me anything about it? IMG_2486.jpeg IMG_2487.jpeg
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  2. Ghopper1924

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    Gorgeous walnut aesthetic movement bookcase! In the absence of a tag or label, it could have been made in any of the places you mentioned. My vote would be for the upper midwest, which was the center of mass U.S. furniture production in the 1880s-early 90s, which is when this bookcase was made.

    Would guess that it might bring $1K at auction in my part of the U.S. Midwest. Insure for double that, and continue to take good care of it.
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  3. macrofossil

    macrofossil Member

    Thanks! Great information. It is a beautiful thing!
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  4. Debora

    Debora Well-Known Member

    That is a handsome piece of furniture.

  5. Jeff Drum

    Jeff Drum Well-Known Member

    Nice to see the original glass, and such nice condition.
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