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    Howdy all purchased this today I believe the wristlet maybe early 1900s and thepocket watch possibly the same. Question is am I about right. Also the watch has no markers mark on it but it's a lot smaller than standard pocket watches and I really like the face believe the serial number relates to 1917.
    Could it possibly be something from ww1. Is the pocket watch a ladies given the face. There is something engraved on the inside but a little difficult to make out maybe a date.
    Thanks Chris
    15350950576391.jpg 15350951014866.jpg 15350950806055.jpg 15350950805303.jpg 15350951251810.jpg 15350951251459.jpg 15350951439933.jpg 15350951439552.jpg 15350950576522.jpg 15350951440204.jpg
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    Wrist watches were a new thing around 1900-1910 and wrist straps designed to hold small pocket watches were a fairly common adaptation, as were lugs for straps soldered on to small pocket watch cases. Wrist watches started out as ladies accessories but became uni-sex as their usefulness was appreciated,
    This one appears to be a typical Swiss made lady's cylinder movement fob watch in what was called a 'gunmetal' case that was in fact black oxidised steel. (If you heat steel to a high temperature and pass superheated steam over it you get a coating of black iron oxide, FeO3 instead of rust FeO4, and this is very hard,, it protects the steel from further corrosion).
    WWI may have speeded the adoption of wrist watches but there is no real reason to connect this watch with the war. For war watches see 'trench watches'.
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    those transitional watches were widely spread. the face with those Blümelein is typically made for the German market in the aftermath of the Jugendstil..
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    Women also used to often wear watches hanging from a chain or cord around their necks, similar to a necklace. It looks like that one was fitted for that also. Transitional, as Fid mentioned. The watchband, to me, seems like an odd style for a woman to wear. But in that period of time, maybe. It appears to fit the watch well, as it even has a slot for the "winder" at the top.
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    My impression is that men used the leather bands containing womens size watches. It was simply practical.
    It was a period when what had been the accessories of wealthy people in white collar, professional roles, and a 'uniform' that included a waistcoat with watch pockets became more affordable and useful for blue collar workers and craftsmen. The dollar watch had arrived. Although not so cheap, the wristwatch was something whose time had come.
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  6. Figtree3

    Figtree3 What would you do if you weren't afraid?

    Interesting, AF - thanks!
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