Possibly Camille Naudot?

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    16278648270474538602148669806410.jpg 16278648522567240463770923913609.jpg 16278648731472268744759330812699.jpg Hi! I'm trying to research a plate I picked up today and figure out the maker. Per Google it could possibly be Camille Naudot however it seems that this mark/whether items are genuine Naudot is highly debated and it could possibly be made in Japan. I've come to a dead end. From looking at pics of REAL Naudot online it seems to somewhat resemble his work because of the piercings, but it's so plain in comparison. It's a beautifully simple plate, bisque with piercings and cornucopias around the rim. Anybody have any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks in advance, I'm excited to have joined this forum!
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    The marks are typical Japanese. There have been previous discussions, if you want to use the search box above. I looked at all the items in the link there that were "real" Naudot, but I found not one picture of a mark. I read that he didn't make figurines, so all the figurine sellers claiming NC is Naudot is just wrong, also, he didn't use numbers.
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