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  1. daveydempsey

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    This is the Indenture deed I pulled from the safe.

    As far as I can tell its for some property in Middlesex valued at £6000 which was a tidy sum back then.

    5 sheets fastened together and wax sealed and signed.
    Measure 3 x2 feet
    First dated 1774, so older than the United States:D
    These are quite common in the UK.






  2. say_it_slowly

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    You mean back when the rabble rousers across the pond were being a pain in the neck for Geo III?:smuggrin:

    A few years ago while volunteering at Mount Vernon, home of George Washington, one of the Brit visitors asked me why Washington became a rebel. I nearly burst out laughing because, of course, he was a patriot:D.
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  3. gregsglass

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    Hi Davey,
    Reminds me of my 1846 receipt for the lands of my family. The family member donated the lands back to Queen Victoria instead of having them seized for back taxes. It was all folded up with such sharp creases it could not be read. Without thinking I ironed the document with without steam and got it nearly flat. Then I had it mounted archivally. I always thought the small blue stamp at the top had a piece of silver to show that the taxes were paid. I guess it will be tossed into the trash when I go.
  4. Bronwen

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    Some interior decorator working for a big real estate or law firm might like it. It is rather amusing to think that if it were preserved for 200 years, my lease might become 'interesting'.
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  5. sabre123

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    Appreciate the skill of the calligrapher and the time that must have taken to create the original.
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