Real or not 18th century painting

Discussion in 'Art' started by Robert1983, Nov 10, 2019.

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    48DEF55B-FDB2-415A-9671-640682626D7D.jpeg 40B632FA-6ECA-4E5D-AD00-FC345921CA08.jpeg 3BC9EF37-97A1-46FD-9A2A-E9CDD3EEA72C.jpeg B059B808-CE57-4A2F-AE13-EE829A21A6B0.jpeg DF16D577-ADA0-41EE-9A19-1D174F5642E9.jpeg 9BBF2E17-DFFB-458A-9F65-F39BA7BD8B91.jpeg Original painting is by Vigee LeBrun 1795, what is this? Reproduction, painted copy, print? Original :rolleyes:?
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    I can not open the link, I am not in the USA. This is a picture of the original Vigee LeBrun painting 9D2AD452-5AFC-44BF-B420-E20F39FF2F4D.jpeg

    Woman in painting is Countess Sofia Potocka.
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    Jivvy's link states: "Portrait of Countess Zofia or Apollonia Helena Potocka; after a pastel by Elizabeth Vigée Lebrun, formerly in Berlin. 1877

    This is the one I found, on several sites, called "Portrait of a young girl".


    Robert the picture you are showing is apparently a copy of the wood engraving, not the original pastel.
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    Bit confusing. This pastel shown above sold at Christie’s for €1500 but this was not actually produced by her. I read the original was lost possibly in WW2 bombing. Your canvas looks old from the back but colourless from the front with swathes of varnish and dirt on it and I can’t see any actual painting brushstrokes.
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    To me, yours looks like a transferred photograph.....with a coating of 'something' on top of it........but transferred onto linen....the back of that frame looks to be a whole 'nother story unto itself!!!!
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    Sniped by another "bored" member! ;):singing:
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    I have the same problem. (Same country;))
    I think we had her on the forum before. I remember wondering how part of her anatomy didn't fall out of her dress. And didn't the thread end in people pointing out that it could have been the 18th century short-lived bare-chested fashion?
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    Combining the two side by side was just interesting......reducing the opacity of one and then overlaying it on the other was MOST seemed identical!!! BUT here they are side by side....untouched other than getting them the same size.....

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