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Discussion in 'Tools' started by springfld.arsenal, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. springfld.arsenal

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    Somebody from Eboo board sent a msg asking something I didn't know about "Hitler's Yacht" so I sent him to the Wehrmacht Awards forum. First time in years I'd gone to look at my Eboo messages. Under his were a long string of "Your post has been removed" and "Official Warning" from when the Troll-Collaborator was reporting every post I did. Funny I'd forgotten those but re-reading some I got the same rotten feeling I must have had back then. Kind of like when I get home from work and find an FBI agent's card on my door with "please call me asap" which has happened a few times. I'm so glad I left the Eboo forum mess when I did!
  2. say_it_slowly

    say_it_slowly The worst prison is a closed heart

    I only remember getting pink slapped a time or two in spite of trying to be careful. Every so often I wander back over but get a knot in my stomach pretty fast.

    Of course it looks so different there I hardly know where I am. It's so much nicer here:).

    If I gear up to sell there again I'll wander back to the sellers board to get my armour back:D.
  3. evelyb30

    evelyb30 Well-Known Member

    The Jewelry GROUP is OK; the boards can get fairly nasty. The seller's board tends to play fair, but I don't even look at the other ones any more.
  4. Figtree3

    Figtree3 What would you do if you weren't afraid?

    I don't like the current format over there, although I do check in on a few groups periodically... and on the Collectibles and Art board. None of them are very impressive, but there are some good people posting there. Not so coincidentally, some of them also post here!

    This site has been my favorite ever since it opened. It's my hangout, with a good group of people who feel like friends after all of these years.
  5. afantiques

    afantiques Well-Known Member

    I do look in at collectibles and art but find little of interest. The standard query is 'Who signed my (dismal) painting'. There are however a small number of very helpful posters whose replies I will look at regardless of topic.
  6. Mansons2005

    Mansons2005 Nasty by Nature, Curmudgeon by Choice

    I "pass through" some of the "groups" now and again, but still read the discussion boards about buying, selling, etc. - a habit left over from when my clients paid me to be up to date on "stuff".

    For me, I think the best result of moving to this board is that I have not had a single stalker. I had an issue with one person on the Antiques board that I was able to handle, but there was another person (also on the Antiques Board) who carried the menacing to the point I had to contact eBay AND an out of state police department. I actually had to participate in a "sting" to get proof of the stalking.................

    I am ever grateful that I was invited to participate on this forum, and to maintain my "friendships" with the old timers.
  7. khl889

    khl889 Well-Known Member

    I stopped posting there after they objected to including links from Yahoo Auctions Japan, which I used to show identical Japanese marks. Don't regret it a bit.

    Why should I make eBay look like a useful place to get answers?
  8. Marko

    Marko Well-Known Member

    i check in, but some of the boards can be very nasty.... I love it here.
  9. janettekay

    janettekay Well-Known Member

    Have not been there since I came here :smuggrin:...don't need all that BS :nailbiting::blackeye:
  10. KingofThings

    KingofThings 'Illiteracy is a terrible thing to waist' - MHH

    Sounds like the governor came through for me before I suffered there. :p
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  11. antidiem

    antidiem Well-Known Member

    Left there, came here, never looked back. It's nice here! :singing::singing:
  12. clutteredcloset49

    clutteredcloset49 Well-Known Member

    Could not have said it better.
  13. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    I was too much for them to handle !
  14. springfld.arsenal

    springfld.arsenal Store: http://www.springfieldarsenal.net/

    I'm putting some questions on a machinist's forum, mostly trying to ID the stranger "machinist" things I find. 90% of replies are honest and helpful and 10% are from prima donnas or people with personality disorders who thrive on posting elaborate put-downs. My typical reply to those is to first push the "like" button then write something like "Thank you! That's the nicest thing anyone's said about me all week!" Life is way too short to waste time on forum feuds.
  15. Bev aka thelmasstuff

    Bev aka thelmasstuff Colored pencil artist extraordinaire ;)

    I certainly don't miss the drama of Deep or ...what was the other one?...something history smarta**. You know who I mean. I feel bad because there were a lot of folks with interesting items that were fun to look at and identify, but the trolls were running amok.
  16. clutteredcloset49

    clutteredcloset49 Well-Known Member

    I like the fact that the trolls and spammers get banished right away on this board.

    THANK YOU MODS! You do a great job! :happy:
  17. wildrose

    wildrose Well-Known Member

    I went there once accidentally... it was a train wreck... happy at home here with all you friendly fun folks!
  18. all_fakes

    all_fakes Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. I check the other place sometimes; and often regret doing so. Same old trolls.
  19. Steersman

    Steersman Well-Known Member

    Some of it used to be so very good. Sincere arguments between respectful parties can be positive for everyone.

    I think a certain nostalgia for the way things used to be is part of most of us in this trade. I miss a lot of the old characters. The early days, when it was all so new.

    Then things changed. I rarely go back and am usually disappointed when I do.

    On a positive note, it's how we all met.
  20. Mansons2005

    Mansons2005 Nasty by Nature, Curmudgeon by Choice

    Can I get an AMEN to that, Brothers and Sisters??
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