Roman ? Style Glass Vase

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    84E2F4E6-84BD-4463-A7B3-7BF2A105C25E.jpeg 0F8FC06E-76CA-4041-BAB3-416A35A12438.jpeg 81F61E4C-171C-4802-90F5-5DD22ED7EF86.jpeg 44FA7FC3-91F7-4CCA-8FCF-7BD383DC32F0.jpeg Looks old to me but no idea who, when and where?
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  3. aaroncab

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    I see these type listed as "Scavo" glass from Murano a lot...take that with a dash of salt.
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    It's probably LaFiore Glass from MAllorca, they make a lot of these replicas.
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