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  1. OnAQuest

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    Anyone know what this is? The feet are throwing me off as is the mark, haven't been able to age it. Is it even real Royal Delft? It does say Delfts.... with an S. Suspicious. Would explain my inability to figure this out.



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  2. Roaring20s

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    "Delfts" is ok, but can not find 3 footed cups or mugs.
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  3. Any Jewelry

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    It looks Delfts to me, so genuine Dutch. Delfts simply means from Delft, but it is also used by makers from other Dutch towns.
    Royal Delft is a name used by the Porceleyne Fles, the most famous Delfts maker. This cup is probably by one of the others, although I don't know who.
    @say_it_slowly ?:)
    They did make 3 footed wares, and still do, like tulip vases and tea strainer dishes. But I haven't seen a 3 footed cup either. It is cute.
  4. OnAQuest

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    don't have the measurements on me, but it's small... smaller than a demitasse cup. Maybe it's for toothpicks. too small for sugar cubes, or sugar.
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    uh uh uh ........ not here...

    A - Offers to buy, sell or trade by individuals and/or dealers are not permitted in any way, shape or form in threads and/or posts.
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  6. say_it_slowly

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    I can't add much to what AJ said about your piece as far as the mark goes. I am far from an expert.

    While more than one factory referred to their products as "Royal Delft", the pieces from de Porceleyne Fles are the collectible Royal Delft and are well marked with a pot and other marks.

    Delft is a place so things that say "Delft" should, in theory, be from there though liberties are taken. Many pieces made in Delft or in the Delft style are well marked by the makers with logos, identifying initials etc. The "s" seems to indicate something made outside of Delft in other towns and areas as mentioned.

    Yours seems to be of a souvenir type. I'd not expect it to be of much value though it is cute.

    Here are a few footed cups that I found so they are out there, though, these are not exactly like yours. You will note they all have saucers.
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    Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Wasn't trying to break a code of ethics. My apologies, I meant no disrespect.
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    There is a "Sell" section in Forums under Marketplace. The first post there are rules for listing just to get you started. It's the regular discussion type forums that selling/dealing isn't allowed.
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