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    Hi all from a newbie. I have inherited a set of crockery. The base is stamped ‘Royal Winton Grimwades A’. At least one of the items in the set has on the base the hand-painted number ‘2208’ (in gold paint). There are 6 each of tea cups, saucers and plates; plus a larger (serving?) plate and a small jug. They are all in very good condition. I would like to establish the age and market value of these items. I would also like to understand the meaning of the ‘A’ and ‘2208’ markings. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Hi and welcome to the board.
    We'll need pictures of the full plate showing the pattern, picture of the back and close up of the mark.
    2208 is most likely the pattern number.

    This may help with pictures. If using a phone, email the pictures to yourself. Save and then post from there.

    Be sure to check back tomorrow, as people come and go at all hours.
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    Hi and WELCOME to ANTIQUERS @minniemax!! Once you get your pictures up, there should be lots of help for your crockery!
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    You can look on and see if your 2208 is the same as Hazel.
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