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  1. Irenka

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    Hi everyone!
    today was another successful shopping day:happy:
    I got this interesting doll of a saint with moving hands, something about it attracted me so much that I had to have it.
    A quick research showed that this is supposed to be the "new Eva"
    but it's not entirely clear to me what they were used for... The age is also a bit unclear to me, the wood and the polychroming show that it has quite a few years behind it...

    Is there anyone here who could tell me more about this interesting doll and maybe help me guess its age?

    I only took a few quick pictures because it's already been a long day :oops:, if anyone would like some more pictures I'll do my best and post them as soon as possible.

    Thank you to everyone who will take the time to leave your opinion.

    ... and I almost forgot her height is 44cm/17,3inch

    DSC_8756 (Small).JPG DSC_8757 (Small).JPG DSC_8758 (Small).JPG DSC_8760 (Small).JPG DSC_8762 (Small).JPG
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  2. Debora

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  3. baltojoe75

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    that one on invaluable looks like someone tried (in vain) to do some restoration.
  4. Debora

    Debora Well-Known Member

    It was "passed" at auction. May not be as old as purported to be.

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