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Discussion in 'Art' started by Botanic, Nov 12, 2019.

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    I have some artwork to sell, which I am going through slowly... Three of the pieces are by Janet Tod (London) and are 20+ years old. And I've a couple by the Welsh artist David Cowdry. There will be more to follow.

    From the little I have found on the web, their art sells for good prices, but that seems to be the art they are producing now.

    I have knowledge of this kind of stuff, whether the paintings are worth anything and how to find out. If they are worth a lot - or even if they are only worth smaller amounts - I have no idea where to start and how to sell them. How do I reach the people who like these artists? Or should I be looking for shops which sell art of the same style (and how do I then determine that)? Any other tips on how I can go about this?

    Many thanks for any help.
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    Have you looked at SOLD prices on Ebay yet?? For either or both artists?? Hmph, I didn't find any there, but it looks like if it's 'Janet Tod' and in a gallery in the UK, it might do well!!!!! I did not get to do the same for Cowdry...... But my Google search simply consisted of "Janet Tod - artist" then hit enter!!!! The first link is to a gallery a piece of hers is showing in WITH PRICE!!![59]

    Otherwise, you can check out these links!
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    That's not too shabby! Although as I wrote on your other thread, yours is not typical of her work, it doesn't appear to be the same medium, and it's a much earlier work. All of this impacts value.

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    My experience is that you can not expect to get prices for living artist's works that they currently command for contemporary works. I think buyers who collect/buy work of living artists either choose to support the artist directly or are buying something they like in a gallery setting. Those shopping on the secondary market are speculators and/or are bargain hunters.
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    It should be pointed out that eBay is probably a terrible place to try to sell older works by relatively obscure artists. You are better off contacting galleries that represent the artists and see if they might have any interest in either purchasing the works or selling them for you on a consignment basis. Be aware that you will not get anything close to current retail as most contemporary galleries can get as many pieces as they want directly from the artists at a commission rate of approximately 40-50%.
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