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Discussion in 'Furniture' started by Denisa, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Denisa

    Denisa New Member

    Hi! I found this forum as I was searching to find out more information about our new sideboard. I read through the forum and it seems that you guys are experts in helping people to identify their stuff. I don´t think it is anything special I just would like to know how old it might be and what it is made of as I am totally new to this. At the moment legs are not attached to it. Any help would be really appreciated. 67566536_1098211600374986_1131045939088195584_n.jpg 67368200_2797711110244688_2809732029829087232_n.jpg 67404099_452627575591524_1266816864701382656_n.jpg Any help would be really appreciated.
  2. evelyb30

    evelyb30 Well-Known Member

    No idea, but I like that.
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  3. James Conrad

    James Conrad Well-Known Member

    Quarter sawn oak, jacobean/elizabethan revival. It is unusual to see relief carving done in the old style on a "modern" piece. Those orbs on legs are called "cup & covers".
    Wait for Brad on age, 20th century for sure, I'll guess 1930s-1940s.
  4. Mansons2005

    Mansons2005 Nasty by Nature, Curmudgeon by Choice

    I agree with the styling, etc. but I think this is just a bit earlier - say 1890-1915 - just before they started layering walnut and mahogany veneers on this revival stuff. But, yeah, Brad will know better than I!
  5. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    Early 20th English. Or it would be, if I saw it here.
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  6. Phil Harrison

    Phil Harrison Active Member

    Suggests to me that moment when some elements of arts and crafts were beginning to morph in a deco direction.. 1910-1920?
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  7. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

  8. daveydempsey

    daveydempsey Moderator Moderator

    I agree, 1920-1930, it is here, west of you :cool:
  9. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    Aha. Speaks with a West Country accent, then. ;)
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  10. verybrad

    verybrad Well-Known Member

    Late to this but agree with a 20s-30s date and English in origin. Definitely oak.
  11. daveydempsey

    daveydempsey Moderator Moderator

    Arrrrrrgh :hilarious:

  12. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    Ah. And it adds er to the end of words. ;)
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