Featured Signed RC Glass Vase or Jar or Tumbler Or??

Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by vitry-le-francois, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. vitry-le-francois

    vitry-le-francois Well-Known Member

    Vase? Jar? Tumbler? Embossed siggy of RC on the bottom. Any idea who dunnit? THANKS!!

    rs2.jpg rs1.jpg rs3.jpg rs4.jpg rs6.jpg
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  2. Cherryhill

    Cherryhill Well-Known Member

    Robert Coleman, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. He was making glass in the 1980s plus... Its a tumbler. He told me I'd have to practice ten years before I could reasonably expect to make tumblers. I gave up wishing...
  3. blooey

    blooey Well-Known Member

    You should have used an RC not Coca Cola in your pic!
  4. pearlsnblume

    pearlsnblume Well-Known Member

    Pretty item.
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  5. vitry-le-francois

    vitry-le-francois Well-Known Member

    Awesome! THANKS cherryhill!
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