Silverplate maker?

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    I'd guess the litre probably makes it European. Looks eaglish with something in its beak?
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    "J P Kayser & Son of Krefeld-Bochum, near Düsseldorf, Germany were originally 'Leuconide Metalware Factory, founded around 1885. They were tin manufacturers and developed a lead-free pewter with the trade name 'Kayserzinn' from 1894 to 1912. Under Jean and Engelbert Kayser, this was used in the making of Jugendstil items designed in Cologne by Hugo Leven and others. They also produced well-made copper and brass items and used the mark shown here, found under a 1.5 litre brass spirit kettle c1895. Other marks were used for the pewter items, numbered from 4,000 to 4999 during the period 1894-1925."
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    Are you just talking to yourself, terry?:hilarious:
    Great research though, thanks.
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    I had given up searching and then tried one more thing
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    Posting a thread often helps, it makes you think of new search terms.;)
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