Small cobalt blue vase ..Fenton?

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  1. Found this at a thrift store. I’ve researched and cannot find any information. It appears to be Fenton, but I can’t find one like it.
    Is it a Fenton or is it memorex?

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    Imperial Glass 743B four-toed Laced Edge vase
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    Does your vase have a greasy feel to it? I believe some knock-offs were made in China. They would oil the molds to make it easier to remove the glass.
  5. No..there is no greasy feel.
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    "Oiling the moulds" is fiction. The temperature of the glass, in excess of 2,000º f, would ignite the oil, leaving a greasy residue on the glass. The "Greasy" feel of glass is from an exudate, something that comes out of the glass. It comes from a compound in the glass to make it easier to work. It is normally used, but when used in excess causes the glass to 'weep'. Too much and it comes out sooner, just enough and it never comes. out.
    Modern, glass making machines automatically ignite a gas jet inside the mold just before the hot glass is added to coat the mould with soot, carbon black.
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