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Discussion in 'Art' started by MR Treasure Hunter, Aug 15, 2019 at 6:08 PM.

  1. MR Treasure Hunter

    MR Treasure Hunter Active Member

    Here is a small collection of some of my paintings.

    2019-08-15 22.56.13.jpg
    One of my favorites which has also had a repair but still looks good.

    2019-08-15 22.56.56.jpg
    Some say that this one is creepy but I like it.

    2019-08-15 22.57.31.jpg
    I'm not sure who this one was by but picked this one up in a charity shop along with another one like it.
    2019-08-15 22.57.38.jpg
  2. MR Treasure Hunter

    MR Treasure Hunter Active Member

    Here are a few more, I really need to stand on a ladder to get a better angle but is away so this will do for now.
    resized 2.png
    resized 3.png
    resized 5.png
  3. Houseful

    Houseful Well-Known Member

    The original of the woman reading a letter is in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
  4. Bakersgma

    Bakersgma Well-Known Member

    I suspect that a fair percentage of what you've shown is prints rather than paintings.
  5. AmericanGeode

    AmericanGeode Active Member

    Those are all oil paintings or mixture of oils and prints?
  6. wiscbirddog

    wiscbirddog Well-Known Member

    The "creepy" one - what the heck is it? Or don't I want to know? :angelic:
  7. i need help

    i need help Well-Known Member

    I think the one with the girl with hair covering her face is Creepy. It reminds me of the horror movie “The Ring” :eek:
  8. aaroncab

    aaroncab in veritate victoria

    From the looks of them maybe 100% ...or close to it.
  9. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    That is what it looks like. But a nice collection, except for the creepy one.
  10. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    Actually, the creepy one looks like it could be by Goya. From his war series, "Los Desastres de la Guerra".:nailbiting:
  11. MR Treasure Hunter

    MR Treasure Hunter Active Member

    There a mixture of prints/copies. The first one is an oil painting of Emma Lady Hamilton that I found in my parents attic, the second one is also an oil painting and the rest are prints and copies.
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  12. daveydempsey

    daveydempsey Moderator Moderator

    The first one is a copy
    The original is in the Tate Gallery.

  13. charlie cheswick

    charlie cheswick Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing, an interesting collection !

    I'm still trying to work out what the creepy one is,

    I'm seeing bosoms aren't I ? :)
  14. MR Treasure Hunter

    MR Treasure Hunter Active Member

    Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed looking at them. The creepy one is just one of those paintings where you can just never tell what it is at first :)
  15. mmarco102

    mmarco102 Well-Known Member

    The guy on the right with wings:nailbiting: on his head, doesn't seem to know either. :eek:
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