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    From my vintage vinyl collection:

    This is the 1957 Capitol Records first pressing EP of Sonny James/Young Love

    A356CA78-D32C-4BA8-895E-CDFE563B975E.jpeg 6970B2C9-55FA-4B0B-A10A-C6D50356FE9F.jpeg 48BC9CC0-EF24-4A3E-84C0-D5496F46BFEC.jpeg 0261668D-277B-4349-A419-D002485391C1.jpeg
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    JUST the person I was going to go looking for!!!! Vintage Maven!!! My SIL goes antiquing often and picks up the 'freebie' "New England Antiques Journal".....article you may or may not have seen on records....don't know that you get the mag in Canada!! I scanned it as I was unable to pull it up online.....images aren't great, but they weren't great in the mag either!!!! Print should be readable once you click on it!! Enjoy if you haven't seen it!

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    Thank you @Aquitaine for the both VERY thoughtful, and educational gesture, that was very very nice of you. And yes, I did enjoy the read ❤️
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