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    Did you know that the first paperback edition of Lord of the Rings published in the U.S. was unauthorized?

    Through some glitch in the copyright, Ace Books was able to get a set on the shelves first. Needless to say, Tolkien was more than a bit perturbed. He waged war against the Ace edition in the press. Public pressure caused Ace to cease publication and negotiate royalties with Tolkien. The authorized Ballantine paperback edition came out later the same year (1965) with a special blurb by Tolkien imploring his readers to respect the copyright by purchasing the Ballantine set.

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    Now that you mention it I have a vague memory of reading about that somewhere. Thanks for the information!
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    Reading Tolkien can become Hobbit forming.
    (seen on a toilet wall about 40 years ago)
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    I didn't know that about LOTR. Never seen them. I haven't had time to look on ABE to see if any are available, and at what price. Just for curiosity's sake, mind you.
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    OK, it looks like you can get good copies for about $25-$50 U.S. Again, not that I'm interested. I'm holding out for 1st edition signed hardcovers :)
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