Spelter Sculpture of a Fierce Warrior

Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by R. Antonis, Sep 28, 2022.

  1. R. Antonis

    R. Antonis Well-Known Member

    Dear experts,

    I placed this under metalware, but I don't think there are much viewers there, so I replaced the topic.

    I could use a little advice here.
    I've bought a great spelter sculpture this week.

    It's a fearless warrior, dressed in armored suit,
    holding a dagger/bayonet. Standing on a platform.
    It's an humongous sculpture, with a height of 78 cm. (31,7 inch).

    Now the problem is this;
    After bringing it home from the auction house, when making pictures
    I noticed it has a piece broken off. I'll attach some pictures of it down below.
    I also asked the auction house for pictures before buying, and they didn't
    notice the damaged either.

    Second; This sculpture has been transformed into a lamp at one time.
    All the lamp parts have been removed, so it has some holes in it.
    I thought about transforming it into a lamp again, but then I noticed
    the piece of the cape which has been broken off. Also the dagger case
    seems to be re-attached.

    Now, where I need some advice;
    I can get my money back from the auction house, and get my money back.
    Or I can keep the sculpture (without any compensation), of which I then have to make a lamp again, and find a solution for the broken cape.

    I love the sculpture, but in the end it's for selling-purpose.
    I've bought it for about € 400. Transferring it into a lamp would cost
    me approximately another € 70.

    I have found a similar sculpture online, so I can compare them to eachother.
    (For which they ask the absolute jackpot) (And their sculpture even has a missing piece on the helmet)

    LINK 1-

    LINK 2-

    Excuse me for the many pictures in advance.

    20220928_150355.jpg 20220928_150410.jpg 20220928_150515.jpg 20220928_150759.jpg 20220928_145635.jpg 20220928_150917.jpg 20220928_145641.jpg 20220928_145722.jpg 20220928_150634.jpg
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  2. R. Antonis

    R. Antonis Well-Known Member

    More detailed pics

    20220928_150656.jpg 20220928_150710.jpg 20220928_150717.jpg 20220928_150733.jpg 20220928_150728.jpg 20220928_150817.jpg 20220928_150827.jpg 20220928_150907.jpg
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  3. R. Antonis

    R. Antonis Well-Known Member

    And here a some pictures of the comparisons,
    missing pieces, loose dagger, and the holes.

    re20220928_150515.jpg reStunningMilitaryOfficerFigures721-11-9-1843x1382-1.jpg re20220928_150759.jpg reStunningMilitaryOfficerFigures721-11-1-1843x1382-1.jpg 20220928_150621.jpg 20220928_150527.jpg 20220928_150532.jpg 20220928_150559.jpg 20220928_150545.jpg
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  4. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    your links....those are the same pictures of the same two items.....:wacky::wacky:

    they have the pair
    they're trying to get rid of them....to some poor soul :(:(

    yours is bust....was a lamp....now it's not....:inpain::inpain:

    get your money back while u still can...;)
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  5. R. Antonis

    R. Antonis Well-Known Member

    Yes, I knew the links were the same.
    Their price is absurd if you'd ask me.
  6. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

  7. 2manybooks

    2manybooks Well-Known Member

    Consider what non-problematic antiques you could buy with those 400 euros.
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  8. R. Antonis

    R. Antonis Well-Known Member

    That's true indeed.
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