Star of David sawtoothed and scalloped bowl or dish

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    I found this sawtoothed and scalloped bowl but my mom says bowl or dish are the same with hobstars all over it. Dimensions are about 9 1/4" top diameter x 4 3/8" bottom diameter x 2 1/2" height. I could not find company or pattern in my research. I was hopping someone would be able to help me with the company and pattern? Thank you for your help in this request. Rob
    IMG_3577small.JPG IMG_3575small.JPG
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    I don't know who made your bowl but it looks like pressed glass to me - and the stars I think would qualify as "hobstar", but definitely not star of david, as that is a 6 pointed star made from two intersecting triangles.
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    It might help to repost this with EAPG in the title. I think someone who knows EAPG well will be able to help. It was an unidentified pattern for a long time but I think information surfaced recently that finally provided a manufacturer.
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