Sterling??? Napkin rings

Discussion in 'Silver' started by MIRED, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. MIRED

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    I've inherited these 3 napkin rings (cuffs) and I believe my mom had said they were sterling. I can find no marks at all. A magnet does not stick. They are hammered with applied monograms. Similar ones online are all sterling, with marks. Wondering if anyone can guess if they may be sterling or what other metals were used. Also 2 have "SD" monograms. The 3rd looks like LLD but not sure about the Ls - thoughts?
    Down to my last few silver items that I got stuck identifying - thanks so much for any input. IMG_6886.JPG IMG_6887.JPG IMG_6888.JPG
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  2. MIRED

    MIRED Active Member

    Anyone have any thoughts about these possibly being sterling or a guess about other type metal? And any guess about the monogram - especially the 1st of 3 letters before what I think is L and D. Thanks!
  3. i need help

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    Maybe if you polish them, you will find marks. You can always test them, if you have a test kit.
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  4. MIRED

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    Thx I'll try polishing - didn't know the tarnish could hide marks
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