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Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by antiquelover69, Sep 17, 2020 at 12:21 AM.

  1. antiquelover69

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    Storage find.I'm not sure of age of this belt,need to know what tribe and age if anyone know.Thanks! SAM_1932.JPG SAM_1933.JPG SAM_1938.JPG SAM_1939.JPG SAM_1937.JPG
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  2. komokwa

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    while it's a nice belt with what looks like a loom beaded native deign....it was made for personal use , and bears no markings that would suggest any one tribe.
    The loop at the end may come from the Great Lakes area.....but that speculation is unfounded in fact..
  3. antiquelover69

    antiquelover69 Well-Known Member

  4. smallaxe

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    As best I can tell from the photos, the leather parts appear to be brain-tanned leather, which would be a good sign. I would think the snaps put its date in the 20th century.
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  5. antiquelover69

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    Thank you
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