Storage Fine,Antique Strange Pewter Burron???

Discussion in 'Metalware' started by antiquelover69, Dec 1, 2021.

  1. antiquelover69

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    Storage find.I found an old sewing case with many old buttons,sterling thimbles.This set of what I think (not sure)are pewter buttons.Does not stick to magnet.Very odd,one is attached to what look like an old cheese cloth.Any idea.Some type of maybe letter,look like "H" inside a circle,I can't make it out. SAM_4489.JPG SAM_4490.JPG
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  2. daveydempsey

    daveydempsey Moderator Moderator

    They look like curtain / drape weights.

    Sewed into the hem to make them hang straight.

    Usually made of lead.
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  3. daveydempsey

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  4. antiquelover69

    antiquelover69 Well-Known Member

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  5. Darkwing Manor

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    So, where's the blog about bodies, then?
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  6. daveydempsey

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    Its on the Burron :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:
  7. antiquelover69

    antiquelover69 Well-Known Member

    So sorry everyone for the mis spelling I mean button lollol.:joyful:
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