T Cole painting?

Discussion in 'Art' started by Lara’e, Sep 26, 2020.


Is this an authentic T Cole signature?

  1. Is the painting authentic

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  2. Is this a good copy

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  1. Lara’e

    Lara’e New Member

  2. Debora

    Debora Well-Known Member

    That does appear to be a factory painting. Are you sure it's even oil and not a giclée?

  3. Lara’e

    Lara’e New Member

    It’s definitely oil.
  4. Aquitaine

    Aquitaine Is What It IS! But NEVER BORED!

    Just enlarged & enhanced......

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  5. Lara’e

    Lara’e New Member

    I don’t know how you did this but could you do it to the Tiffany bowl pictures I posted under pottery and glass please?
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  6. aaroncab

    aaroncab in veritate victoria

    Copy of The Luncheon by Monet.

  7. Aquitaine

    Aquitaine Is What It IS! But NEVER BORED!

    @Lara'e....I enlarged your Tiffany bowl for you....
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  8. Debora

    Debora Well-Known Member

    1873. Musée d'Orsay.

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