The Arctic Painting: Help Identifying Artist

Discussion in 'Art' started by techbiker, Apr 25, 2022.

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    A couple months ago I purchased a neat oil painting in a UK auction of what appears to be a snowy arctic water scene. About 21"x14" including the frame. The panel alone is 18"x10". Although there is a signature, I'm having trouble identifying the artist. Seller believed this painting dates to the late 19th century. There is also some writing on the back and a sticker. Please see attached. What are your thoughts on artist and age? I believe that the painting was professionally cleaned and "restored" at some point.

    Thanks a bunch!

    20220425_013643small.jpg 20220425_013655smal.jpg
    20220302_005239small.jpg 20220302_005834small.jpg
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  2. Aquitaine

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    I believe there's more to the signature (but mostly unreadable)....but what IS readable seems to be either "Ganof" or "Gonof", at least to my eyes.....try searching that for a last name first..........​
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    The phone number on the back ought to give us a clue about when it was framed at least. If one knows when they changed UK phone numbers.
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    Makes that much easier.
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