'The Ceramic Studio' 1927, Stellenbosch, South Africa ceramic tiles

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    I recently went to an auction and purchased some old blue and white tiles, the main ones being Wedgwood. In the set of antique tiles I purchased were 2 tiles both marked on their backs 'The Ceramic Studio' 1927. I think that the one that has been titled 'Elsenburgh' is a painting of the Old Manor House, but the other one, although I have found the exact image on Google of this property in Stellenbosch I don't know which property it is. Does anyone have any light to throw on these?

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    You are spelling it Elsenburgh when in fact it is Elsenberg.
    Might help in your search.

    I understand The Manor House, Elsenberg is now a conference centre.
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    I am wondering if "The Ceramic Studio" and "1927" were added by a former owner, after they researched the tile?
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