The Outdoor Girls

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    Belonged to my Great Grandmother, before her marriage. Squee!
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    Love it! I inherited troodles of book series. Had about 15 Outdoor Girls, ditto the Bobbsey twins, Marjorie Dean, Ruth Fielding, Tom Swift, etc., etc. It's amazing the things one remembers. It may have been a for a Jeopardy question some years ago that I remembered the answer was: "marl." Haven't thought of the word these many years since, but I remember at the time, identifying some on our property by Ruth's description.
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    In college, to become a teacher ( before google) we had to research an author for the Elementary Language arts class. I chose Edward Stratemeyer. Very interesting man. My granddaughters have fallen in love with The Bobbsey twins . › hope
    Laura Lee Hope - Edward Stratemeyer & the Stratemeyer Syndicate
    Edward Stratemeyer wrote the first book in the Bobbsey Twins series in 1904 under the pseudonym "Laura Lee Hope ." The rest of the series was written by ghostwriters under the outlines of the Stratemeyer Syndicate .
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