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  1. Hey all! Getting through some old estate sale stuff and found a bunch of Thomas Bavarian China. The problem we’re having is that they all seem to have slightly different marks, so even though the patterns are identical (floral gold rimmed) we can’t figure out how old they are. Anyone have any knowledge of these marks or how to find out their age?
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  4. These are a heck of a lot older than we’d realized.... most of the China we find is post-WW2.
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    It's the one called 3380 on replacments, more "stuff" than Roseland.
  7. Forgive my ignorance, it how do I navigate that site to find that item? I search 3380 and it didn’t give me anything.
  8. Never mind figured it out! You’re spot on! Thanks a ton you da best!
    Now just to figure out what they’re worth lol...
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