Thrift store oil painting needs artist info

Discussion in 'Art' started by Bonnie l Roggensees, May 14, 2021.

  1. Can someone please help me find any info on this artist? It's probably a non artist so to speak but I liked it and wanted to know more. It's very large and well framed. Thanks

  2. Aquitaine

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    Is there any information on the back?? When the image is enlarged, it does read "Clemens", but that's not a lot to go on!:happy: Did you pick it up in a thrift store, buy at auction, etc.?? What part of the country? ANY additional information you can add, CAN help!!
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  3. I know. I took it from on the ground looking up on wall about 6 feet. It says Clemens in black.
  4. I didn't buy it yet. It's high on wall 10 feet off ground in thrift store. I couldn't look on back. I just saw it liked it in and have the last name Clemens. It's prob an amateur or more modern. I looked all over online but no luck with just black cursive Clemens. I just thought I'd try and ask tonight. If I got any ideas I'd go back and ask them to get a ladder and get it down to examine. It's oil on canvas. No glass.
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  5. Thrift store Springfield mo. Today.
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  6. johnnycb09

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    I lived in Springfield 100 years ago with my late partner. Some great thrifts there.I like that painting (art is one of my things) but in order to really learn anything you need pics of the back and the frame,as well as clear pics of the signature. If its reasonable,go for it,if its over $50,forget it.Also,in the future its preferred you own the piece before asking about it. Otherwise the board would be choked with people wanting advice before buying items . :)
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  8. Ok. I didn't know that requirement. It has a small indentation on top. Prob the workers at the thrift store. I thought if you touched the photo I sent it can be enlarged to see signature. I may check back tomorrow to see it. Thank you.
  9. Roaring20s

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    Just a gut feeling, I'd skip this one.
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    I can see why it would attract you but hard to tell from the photograph if it's decorative or not. A photograph of the back would help.

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  11. antidiem

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    I would also skip this one, if I were you.
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