Thrift store oil painting of tribal men need help

Discussion in 'Art' started by Bonnie l Roggensees, May 14, 2021.

  1. It is in full color lots of reds. Has signature with Emil...... Very hard to read. Prob bought on holiday in South America maybe???
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  3. Thanks. So do you think mine is a copy they sold there for tourists??
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    I do not know, sign-up on the link provided and see if there is more information there. I was just lucky to find it.
  5. Ok. It's still at thrift store. It may sell tomorrow before I can get back...that's usually my luck. Apparently the thrift store got a huge donation from a family whose parents or grandparents died. So all their artwork has been from their travels all over the world from the 50s 60s and 70s. I'll check tomorrow but I bet it's gone. Lol. Thank you
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  7. Yes I saw that. This artwork is a bit different looking in that it's not full has blank canvas around it. Not sure how to explain. Lol. It's vintage probably from 1970s. Well framed.
  8. Probably a tourism piece or copy of orig oil painting you all found online.
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    The painting you found in the thrift shop is painted as a complete vignette, meaning the image doesn't touch the edges but is surrounded by white. And fyi, I posted the MutualArt work as a courtesy so it was easier for everyone to view.

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    I tried to copy that signature (if that's what it is) from the image that James (above) posted, but it's not very least not to my eyes.....maybe @i need help or others can take a stab at it!! But I'd also say definitely not the same as the black & white image above.....JMHO!

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    Just a note: These men are Andean Peruvians of the Quechua (Kichwa) people, they are not tribal. The Quechua are the people who built the Inca empire.
    The Inca empire in green:

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    Thank you, AJ.

    Just an FYI, if it were me, I would not return to the thrift to buy this one. Too many copies!
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