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  1. Deng

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    I have a small cup and saucer which came with a small piece of paper stating:
    Tiefenfurt - Silesia c1808 - P Donath

    The first factory was already established in 1808 by Johann Heinrich Nicolai Matthiesen, and P Donath was a managing director who became the owner in 1891.

    It has no markings which I can see.

    After searching online I can't see anything similar, perhaps I'm using the wrong search... or they are something completely different and the piece of paper has nothing to do with it!

    Edit: Had another look on t'internet... and it looks similar to Jackfield?...

    Can anyone help, it would be most appreciated - thank you!
    small saucer.jpg cup 2.jpg cup 1.jpg bottom saucer.jpg bottom cup.jpg
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  2. johnnycb09

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    Id have guessed Bohemian circa 1958 . The decoration looks very much like on those decanter sets you see from then. It is glass I assume ?
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  3. Deng

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    Hello... it's china.
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  4. Deng

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    Hello... It's china.
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  5. KikoBlueEyes

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    I don't know about such things. My common sense tells me that painting motifs that go under the base of the cup might indicate a decorator item rather than a useful piece of china. That raised paint would have been damaged or chipped with use especially over a span of 109 years. The motifs on the cup looks like a transfer that has been over painted with some gold enamel paint. You can tell because they bend over the square edges. I say these things to help you look critically at your purchases, something I've learned from the members here. @johnnycb09 knows his stuff, so you should consider his comments carefully.
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  6. JB Miller

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    Can you take a photo with a light shining through your items? As johnnycb09 stated, these look like glass. Specifically, the black octagon line made by Arcopal and Arcoroc.
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  7. Deng

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    Will do... they are very smooth so its quite possible. Never thought to shine a light through them.... duh!
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  8. Deng

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    Ok... got the fairy lights in the cup... @johnnycb09 ... yup they are glass not china!

    Sold as china on eBay... at least I only paid 5 quid... and they're pretty

    Thank you everyone... much appreciated, and Lord knows on what china the sticker actually belongs... 20201130_180103.jpg
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